Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today we went to a CAG (comic book artists guild) where Professor Bill Foster a long time comic book collector and researcher, who has been a commentator for CNN as well as national public radio. He spoke about the part that African Americans took in comic book culture from the past to the present day. We also talked about upcoming conventions and also projects that we have all been working on.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So yesterday we had a little Christmas party, with loads of food and then we played one of our favorite games called Hex Hex (which is amazing) we added a few of our own rules which makes it even better and tons of fun. Then after all that food and fun we went to the restaurant right next door for more food lol it was a great time and i cant wait till next year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Heinz lol

....enough said

"you wont like me when im angry"

Hulk Smash!!! of my favorite sketches that was done at the Rodisian!!! ( Radisson) lol.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This was one of our tables at the event, as you can see Bigger, Blood Rider, Only in Whispers, and yes a posters that where signed by Dawn Marie lol.


Theres Sue and Matt (roaring at the camera) just having some plain old fun.

This is one of Norman Katz Commissions, which was really hard for him to let go because it turned out really really good for a quick drawing. But anyways as you can probably see it poison Ivy from the not so long ago batman movies.

A day at the Rodisian (Radisson)

Alright Matt and I drove up to Chelmsford to the comic show at the Rodisian (inside joke its Radisson). So we were driving behind this truck and in the back of this truck was empty plastic bottles (yeah IDK either) but anyways our car got hit by 3 bottles and right after the third bottle hit a bird flew right into our windshield (R.I.P bird) but yea we found it very weird. So we we arrived at the show set up the stuff, soon after Sue and Everett Sores arrived (creator of Sky Pirates). The day went rather well Matt sold allot of commissions ( i have pics of them), and we also sold allot of books as well. So after the show we went to dinner, ate allot and we had lots of jokes and laughs shooting around the table, While we were trying to figure out a different route back home on account of we got word that the route we usually take was grid locked. So after Din Din we set up the droid (Navigator), which really came in handy because if we took the normal route we would have been stuck in traffic for frigging hours but we didn't mind we were listening to the Pats VS. Stealer's and and getting mad because every time we were in traffic the Pats would be winning and when we were not in traffic they started to lose so, we had a ball yelling at the radio. So after our long journey, we finally made it home.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Matt and Steven vigorously working on the writing for the newest Bigger comic.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

the staff

Matt, Steve and Steven

some of the guys

work in progress

some drawings in comic form

This is part of the almost finished comic called Beyond The Kuiper Belt....looks amazing!!

a drawing of excellence

This is one of the character designs for Beyond The Kuiper Belt, a book Free Lunch is almost done with.

Some of the comics

Any questions feel free to ask. We publish most of these. Except Unhappy Granma, Matt worked on that.


This is a piece done by Norman Katz. He did this with MARKERS! Sick!